S IMMO Hungary: Tunisian National Tourist Office has chosen City Center again

Press release

S IMMO Hungary concluded a lease contract with former tenant

  • Tunisian trips will be coordinated from City Center 

Tunisian National Tourist Office has announced on the opening day of the Travel Exhibition that its Budapest office will reopen in S IMMO’s City Center. The two companies have already worked together before.

S IMMO Hungary concluded a new lease agreement with the Tunisian National Tourist Office in February. The company had already leased offices in City Center for 15 years from 1996 until the office moved to Vienna in 2011. From the 1st of April the employees of the North-African country’s agency can move in their new downtown headquarters that will be enriched with decoration evoking Tunisian landscapes and patterns.

“We are delighted to welcome a former tenant again in City Center, and we are looking forward to a long-term cooperation this time as well. I believe that a former client approaching us with the intention to return to our building is an acknowledgement of our work. We will make every effort to live up to this expectation”, said Katalin Sermer, country manager of S IMMO Hungary.

“We can see a growing interest for Tunisian trips, so we would like to support Hungarian and Romanian market from Budapest. As before, we were pleased with the conditions offered by City Center, we decided to open our agency again in the heart of the city”, told Leith Ben Zakour, Head of the Budapest Office of the Tunisian National Tourist Office.